Innergize is a movement that promotes whole health and healing from the inside out incorporating physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Innergize aims to inspire a culture of health starting with you, your family, community, workplace and beyond by creating a ripple effect of wellness for generations to come.

Email: KellyLynnGibson@innergizeyou.com


Innergize offers motivational and keynote speaking seminars, wellness workshops, healthy cooking classes, pop-up fitness events, and much more.

 Are you ready? Let’s get INNERGIZED!

WHO?  WE, us, each individual person, family, organization, community and beyond.

WHAT? Cultivating a culture of physical, mental and spiritual health through leadership by example. We’re not your average speakers or presenters! In fact we’re not health fanatics; we’re just survivors, educators and leaders of abundance ready to INNERGIZE your life!

WHEN? Starting Right Now!

WHERE?  Starting right here within ourselves, our families, our workplaces and communities. Can you say pop-ups? Yes, at your business, park, wellness center and any other public or private gathering place.

WHY? When we are healthier, we are happier and more productive.


  • By promoting self-care, self-love and through leadership by example in our homes, workplaces and communities.
  • By developing action plans to achieve personal goals, family goals, community goals and organizational goals.
  • By providing education on nutrition and wellness because when we know better, we’ll be more likely to do better.
  • By identifying healthy outlets to alleviate stress.
  • By making fitness fun for all ages.
  • By providing resources, motivation and steps to success.
  • By connecting members of the community with local organizations who can inspire wellness.
  • By changing behavior and reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision at INNERGIZE is to cultivate a culture of health in our community and beyond.

Mission statement: We are inspired to help those we serve through the services we offer to find physical, mental and spiritual health from the inside out creating a ripple effect of overall wellness in our community.


Wellness Workshops

Workshops and seminars can be combined or personalized to suite the needs of  your organization.

*What’s Cooking with Chef Reginald

*Innergize and Empower Hour

*Fitness Pop-Ups

*Mommies on a Mission

*Women of Worth

*Garden and Grow

*Life-Skills Training



Anytime I’ve needed a smile after a long day – I would tune in to you and your bushel of l’il darlings. Your honesty, your sense of “this is us” and REAL LIFE scenarios always make me laugh, smile and sometimes shed a tear. NOTHING will keep you down. A page in a book while it was part of your life, was also a bookmark to turn to the next page. And this is what you’ve done. Being able to move on, to turn pages, is really the most important lesson of life. Sooooooo – keep us turning the pages of this amazing tale.


Kelly Gibson is a positive and motivating health coach that has helped me reach some important weight loss and lifestyle goals! She gave me that extra encouragement and support I never knew I needed.

Danielle Jones