Worthy of Wellness

Innergize is sparking excitement for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through empowering fitness classes, motivational speaking, corporate wellness, personal training and health coaching.

“You can’t shine bright in the world if you don’t first find the light within yourself.”

-kelly Lynn gibson




After many years of self-doubt and self-destructive behavior, I realized that I couldn’t do this all on my own. My way wasn’t working anymore so I surrendered all, and GRACE took over. God showed me, in a series of unfathomable events, that his plan was much better than my own. Come on this journey with me and see how you, too, can turn your test into your testimony.

INNERGIZE your December Dance-Fitness Classes

Before you purchase, check new unlimited option below. November virtual dance-fitness classes every Monday and Friday at 5:30 pm plus NEW EDITION of recordings available for 3 days after each class so you can repeat or make up if you miss . We dance, we sweat, we shout and let it all out!


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Worthy Women Weight Training + December Dance-Fitness

LOCK IN PRICE with Monthly Membership above in collaboration with Engage Fitness unlimited ! 17 INNERGIZE classes (Includes above Dance-Fitness classes) + Wednesday Weight-training 5:30 pm and Sweaty Saturday Circuits (Virtually with Recordings available for 48 hours after) WITH NEW ADDITION of ENGAGE unlimited classes!


December All-Inclusive Health-Coaching Premium Package

Knock-out Your Goals and INNERGIZE your life! 17 training and dance-fitness classes included + Daily check-ins, Goal-setting Coaching Call, Focus 5 Accountability and nutritional guidance.


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Dance-Fitness every Monday and Friday at 5:30pm. Weight training every Wednesday at 5:30 pm or Saturday at 10 am.


Amazing results! See what fun, friendships and fitness can do for you, Mind -Body & Spirit. What are you waiting for? Join the INNERGIZE team today!


Health Coaching with Kelly Gibson

This 1 hour one-on-one remote health coaching session will get you on track towards becoming your best-self. What are the obstacles preventing you from achieving your wellness goals? How can I help inspire you to take the first steps towards overcoming your fears? Let’s dive inward and discover just how capable you are! Contact with questions or concerns. Remote hours are flexible to meet your needs and appointments will be made promptly upon registration.


INNERGIZE YOU Health-Coaching package Plus Personal Training

It takes 8 weeks to make a long-lasting lifestyle change. Innergize your life with this limited time offer of 8 one-on-one remote health-coaching sessions plus personal training including weekly goals, tracking progress and daily check-ins to keep you motivated. Weekly session times are flexible. Contact Kelly@innergizeyou with questions or concerns.


What People Say

“I literally cried when we were cooling down last night @ your class.

I haven’t felt so empowered and free, in a long time. It felt SO. GOOD. I felt like Serena again. I felt worthy. I felt like I was enough. I didn’t feel like a tired and crazed mother, I felt whole.

So thank you for that 💜”- Serena

“Kelly Gibson is a positive and motivating health coach that has helped me reach some important weight loss and lifestyle goals! She gave me that extra encouragement and support I never knew I needed.”


Upcoming Health & Fitness Classes at a Location Near You!

From personal health to organizational wellness, INNERGIZE puts the fun in fitness! Take back your health with classes that will bring out the best in you.

Inspired to Innergize you, your community, business and beyond!

Sparking excitement for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.