Our Story

It all started by the Grace of God. We were just two people who would have never logically ended up together. Nearly a decade later, going on 9 years of marriage, triplets, job closure, The Ellen Degeneres show, and many more difficult but exciting moments, we’ve come to realize that God’s plan is better than our own. With all his unfathomable wisdom and mercy, he brought together “Beauty & the Beast.” In doing so, giving us both the balance, vision, and drive our spirits so longed for. As a result, our passion, purpose, and people-loving spirit has solidified a worthy foundation for helping others within and around our communities!


Our story has just begun but it is a testament to how far two people can come when they work together and provide one another with unconditional love and support. We push each other to be our best selves and together, we are a force to be reckoned with.


Motivational Speaker, Published author, and Chef, Reginald Gibson of zoeylifesite.com combined with KellyLynnGibson.com of Fitness after Triplets come together to present INNERGIZE!

On her show, Ellen said, “It’s amazing how you have this much energy with 3 year old triplets and another child at home.” The idea for INNERGIZE was birthed in that moment and we’ve been working and praying diligently to bring this movement into fruition ever since. We are inspired to INNERGIZE!

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