Empowerment Dance-Fitness 

INNERGIZE is working with the Huber Heights parks department for parks and recreation month. Kelly Lynn Gibson will be teaching Empowerment Dance Fitness at Eichelberger Amphitheater on July 7th and 28th at 7pm.

INNERGIZE presents Motivation and Movement to music with a message! This is the boost you need to get your motivation back on track. We will Dance, sing and shout to music that empowers us to live our best lives while burning up to 900 calories! Women of all ages are encouraged to come check out what makes INNERGIZE empowerment dance-fit different then the rest.

They say exercise is a form of therapy but Kelly Lynn Gibson takes it to the next level (literally). Kelly is a Certified Health Coach, Motivational Speaker and Fitness Professional who started INNERGIZE to promote health in the community. She emphasizes how we must first believe we are worthy and capable of making a positive change in our lives. This class is designed to empower you to take that next step towards your wellness goals. Mind.Body.Spirit. We are inspired to INNERGIZE!


“Wisdom is found within the humbleness of an open heart and a prudent mind.”

– Reginald Gibson


Brought to you by THE NEW HEIGHTS WELLNESS CENTER & INNERGIZE! This is a free public event, but donations for disaster relief regarding cities affected by the Memorial Day tornadoes are welcome! Thank you.😇



For more information; Email Kellylynngibson@innergizeyou.com



Friday June 7th at 1:30pm, INNERGIZE will present Empowerment dance fitness at Speakeasy yoga studio located at 204 Wayne ave. Dayton, Ohio. Kelly Lynn Gibson will speak about the services INNERGIZE offers as well as the passion that drives her purpose of inspiring women to recognize their worth and believe that they are capable of more than they could ever imagine. Empowerment dance-fitness encompasses motivation and movement while promoting body-positivity and self-love. We are inspired to INNERGIZE you!

Founder – Kelly Lynn Gibson


Heart Health and Healing


Chef Reginald of INNERGIZE presents:

15 minute PowerPoint on the misconception of food and how it manifest health or stress within the body.

Chefs culinary (taste!) demonstration includes how to:

Grow fresh organic salads.

Test if your honey is real or fake.

Detect good olive oil from bad.

Make a heart healthy vinaigrette in minutes!

What’s on the Mediterranean menu?

Curcumin Risotto-style brown rice, Sautéed Tilapia paired with a Red Wine Honey vinaigrette salad – topped w/ feta cheese and (garlic tomato/basil, curry hummus, feta-allouette) bruschettas.

Call and reserve your spot today! Availability will be limited; see you there!

(All proceeds go to special events & Skills-Life Training classes offered by Innergize for community projects!)



Mommies on a Mission


Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mommies on a Mission bringing you Motivation and Movement. You will learn practical tips to find balance and make time for yourself this mother’s day. We’ll do some empowerment dance fitness presented by Innergize along with a short motivational presentation and a sneak peak of the upcoming events in collaboration with the wellness center including Mediterranean Meals to boost Metabolism (event May 18 with Chef Reginald)

Mommies on a Mission $10 cost includes-
-30 minute presentation
-30 minute dance fitness
-healthy snacks provided


Women of Worth


You’re invited to join us at The Women of Worth workshop which is designed to help you discover your true capabilities and live your best life.

“In order to shine your light, you must first embrace it’s power by learning to love yourself first.”     

-Kelly Lynn Gibson


Community Health Fair


Look who’s making a special appearance! The “humbled one” himself, offering up something spectacularly fun and healthy! Mind, body and spirit!