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Do you need a keynote or motivational speaker for your next business, university or high school event? Innergize has the right influencers for you! Transformational leader and speaker Reginald O’Neal Gibson is a nationally known published author, thought leader and owner of O’NEAL & LYNN PUBLISHING.

Reginald is well accepted within the community and known for his private sector work for presenting “amazing transformational leadership seminars,” not to forget his unique coaching classes for various businesses across the board! Featured below are his latest books. Trust, this humbled gentleman is worth getting to know!

THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN: A Guide Through The Darkness
THE BOOK OF WISDOM: The Age Of Mindfulness

From the consciousness of spiritual awareness, health and motivation to active shooter training and survival methods; he’s here for you! Reginald is certified to train and instruct what is needed for your company or place of business to reach the next level of awareness and achievements. Don’t just settle for a good presenter or presentation, become informed, get motivated and transform!

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Kelly Lynn Gibson of Fitness after Triplets  is a motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring health in the community. She is an energetic fitness instructor who uses her platform to motivate self-worth and body positivity. She has coordinated events at Wright State University, presented in classrooms and facilitated wellness programming for local organizations.


Kelly developed Innergize to cultivate a culture of health in the Dayton and surrounding areas. She shines her light and leads by example to promote whole health from the inside out including physical, mental and spiritual health. Don’t wait! Get to know these motivators of lifestyle change and innergize your life, business and beyond!

*Personal note: True leaders, motivators, coaches or whatever the title, degree or acronym should have one telltale sign that they’re worth their accolades. This sign is always reflective of their lifestyles and everyday actions i.e. the results of personal choices, leadership skills, responsibilities and impact within and around their community.

Ask yourself a few primary questions when looking for inspiration. Are those who boast success, leadership or coaching adding true value to your life, investments or physical wellbeing? And what of their  own? Furthermore, when searching for thought leaders or motivators, be careful not to inadvertently stumbled into playing follow the shifty- social media entrepreneur!

Don’t fall prey to the thousand dollar suits, flashy lifestyles or expensive ads if it all boils down to just making a sale. We at INNERGIZE are a movement which promotes positive networking, building foundations and creating trustworthy partnerships. If you’re ready to develop into the leader seeded within you, we say start with loving yourself first from the inside out. Aquire meaningful knowledge, self worth and a purpose driven mentality. In this the paradigm shift will happen and that’s when the transformation begins mind, body and spirit!