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Innergize at Wright State University’s Health Fair

Excerpt derived from Wright State University News Room

by Kris Sproles/

On June 21, Wright State hosted Healthy Start to Summer the Wright Way for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.

The two-hour health fair took place on the Hamilton Hall Plaza and included Zumba, a stroll around campus, door prizes and more than a dozen vendors.

Kelly Lynn Gibson, a 2019 graduate, represented her company Innergize at the fair. Innergize promotes whole health from the inside out. “I’m here as a grad and I wanted to give back to the community that supported me,” said Gibson.

This was the first year of the free event, and organizers hope that it will spark interest in living healthy. “Sometimes you need somebody to give you that extra little push,” said Cindy Vanzant, assistant director of the Women’s Center and one of the event organizers.

The event was sponsored by Wright State’s Office of Latinx, Asian and Native American Affairs; Women’s Center; Campus Recreation; Counseling and Wellness Services; Student Legal Services; and the Veteran and Military Center.


What’s new and upcoming with Innergize at a park, venue or business near you?



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Innergize offers pop-up youth programs that teach hands on life-skill trainings for young adults. Some of the lessons will include how to properly change a flat tire and why it’s important to have AAA or another yearly roadside assistance program.

How about simple maintenance tasks and checks regarding *heating and air conditioning? This could allow you or a family member to save hundreds of dollars yearly!

* A certified instructor will be on hand for all projects.

-Skill trainings on landscaping, environmental cleanup and grass mowing

-How to properly fix a clogged sink, replace a toilet or use an auger i.e. light plumbing

-Changing out a universal oven range igniter

-What about fixing/ Properly patching a whole in the wall?

-Even safety tips on hiking, camping and fishing!

Yes! Innergize is more than just fun fitness and healthy cooking demonstrations. It’s a movement within the mind, body and spirit of the community to reach out and teach self-confidence while helping others locally!

For a limited time, Innergize will be taking applications from community residents in need of assistance with general maintenance tasks who are interested in partering with our summer Life-Skills Training Program.

Do you know someone in need of a task that possibly fits our Life-Skills Training youth program? Email us at Innergize to see if we can schedule a spot that’ll meet your need.

*Programs such as INNERGIZE WORKS!

Example: Need help with getting your front lawn cut or possibly know someone who does? As a part of the Innergize Life  Skills Training  Youth Program our supervised participating class will cut and trim your lawn for *free!


Just email Innergize and submit a request for approval! *Participant availability is limited, times will vary and distance may be a factor; so get in touch today!

Participating youth (13-18yrs.) Parental consent and waiver required. Transportation is not provided*.

Contact numbers are required  for youth participation.

* 1-2 Hr classes
* Prices vary per project $10- $20
* Class maximum 15 ppl.
* Discounted price for children 8-12 yrs.
* Snacks/beverages provided by Innergize.
* Locations, times and dates will be posted
* Parents welcome to stay (as encouragers!)

arms bonding closeness daylight

Contact us for more information. Classes will fill up fast!

(Why offer Life Skills Training? Because life has changed dramatically over recent years and with it the learning process between teacher and student, master and pupil and ultimately parent and child. Trust, the cons out way the pros by far — for instance the decline in critical thinking and hands on skills! From cognitive adaptation skills and cursive writing to arithmetic, the minds of our future youth seems to be going faster than the purpose of life! Mental focus, creativity and problem solving should never be fully trusted within the construct of computers, AI or algorithms. Basic life skills will always be a part of life but honestly, not every child has the opportunity to get out and “learn to fish.” Social media, online gaming and internet entrepreneurship has is place but where’s the “life” in the foreseeable future of disconnect? Life Skills Training to the rescue!)