Friday June 7th at 1:30pm, INNERGIZE will present Empowerment dance fitness at Speakeasy yoga studio located at 204 Wayne ave Dayton, Ohio. Kelly Lynn Gibson will speak about the services INNERGIZE offers as well as the passion that drives her purpose of inspiring women to recognize their worth and believe that they are capable of more than they could ever imagine. Empowerment dance-fitness encompasses motivation and movement while promoting body-positivity and self-love. We are inspired to INNERGIZE you!

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Reginald is a Keynote/Motivational Speaker, published author and thought leader in spiritual warfare. Reginald walks as a leader by example, and proclaims his life's purpose to remain steadfast as a humbled servant of God, who’s committed vision continues to breaks barriers, while serving as an humanitarian. Reginald is anointed to share wisdom acquired from personal, untainted dreams, visions and unmeasurable life trials endured and achieved successfully as a man of peace. His life after death experience is what charted his spiritual path since the age of five. Both Reginald's books, The CONSCIOUSNESS of MAN: A Guide Through The Darkness, and The BOOK OF WISDOM: The Age of Mindfulness, will prove to be transformational for all who are ready to achieve a higher level of consciousness in our current state of reality. On behalf of the zoeylifesite team, we thank you; journey well!

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