Shine Bright

B68A4D57-EB9B-424B-AA87-69A4B20E9A3EYour Love grows so much Bigger when you root it in good foundation and feed it with self-care and maintenance. You can’t shine your light within the world if your not a light within yourself. Innergize Your Light and shine bright!


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Reginald is a Keynote/Motivational Speaker, published author, (private/professional chef for over 20 years!) and also thought leader and a father of triplet toddlers and teenager. Reginald leads by example and proclaims his life's purpose as a humbled servant of God, committed visionary and humanitarian. He's anointed to share his wisdom acquired from dreams, visions and breathtaking life trials endured and of course, the life after death experience that charted his spiritual path since childhood. Both Reginald's books, The CONSCIOUSNESS of MAN: A Guide through The Darkness and The BOOK OF WISDOM: The Age of Mindfulness will prove to be transformational for all who are ready to achieve a higher level of consciousness. On behalf of the zoeylifesite team, thank you for your time and interest; journey well!

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